The ability to use Linkedin to search for and find almost every professional business person in the western world is why it’s great for marketing or sales. However, you can’t just see everyone you want to. Linkedin hides those people who are not closely connected to you and uses the fact as way to get you to upgrade to paid for accounts. For example you can’t see the full names of those who are 3rd connections, and you can’t see their full profile – unless you upgrade from the free account.

But there is a way around this – and it’s thanks to Google – you gotta love em!

Here’s how to see the full profile of anyone on Linkedin…

  1. Find the people first using the Linkedin search facility (see previous post or my YouTube video for this)
  2. If they are 3rd connections all you’ll see is their first name and company name – take note of these – its worth doing a few of these at one time perhaps due to point 3
  3. Then log out of Linkedin – this is important, or it won’t work
  4. In the Google search bar, put the first name and then the company name
  5. Click search
  6. Look for the Linkedin link in the search results – it will be near the top – click and you’ll see the full profile of the person
  7. Then you can use that information to reach out to your target in a relevant and meaningful way.

Hope it helps!

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