Everyone is into content marketing nowadays and many are getting it wrong. I don’t mean the tactics and technical delivery of it. Especially with automated systems such as Infusionsoft and Eloqua to help out. Where they are getting it wrong is in the content itself. The stuff out there is often loosely disguised press release type of material that tells you how wonderful the product or service is and how brilliant and innovative the company is. Which quite frankly most customers don’t give a monkeys about. What they do care about is themselves and if you can help them with whatever current problem or issue they have. So here’s some advice

Be useful. Easily the most important point to note. Think about how you can genuinely help your potential or current customer out with whatever issues and problems they have that relate to what you are good at.

Really understand your audience. I don’t mean vague demographic information such as where they live and what sex they are but how they are emotionally. What are their hopes and dreams? How does whatever you sell help them achieve those dreams or at least make them feel a bit better? A point to note here is to get an outsider to look at this for you. You will be too close to your business to truly get an objective view.

Make it easy for them to consume and easy for them to find out more. Have really clear routes for them to either get more useful information or even buy the product. But do not demand this of them. Let them decide. If you have done the first two well then they will often feel like reciprocating and giving you something, hopefully their money.