A good Linkedin strategy depends ultimately on what your objectives are. However, there is one common objective that all strategies should have…

  • Get your target audience to look at your profile!

It’s been shown that nearly 3% of people of people who look at your profile become leads. And that is with most profiles being rather poorly put together. When this is compared to most smaller business websites having a conversion rate of under 1% you can see the power of Linkedin profiles (Forrester says the average website conversion rate is 2.9% but this includes mostly larger companies – with better resources)

So this leads into a key element of your strategy which should be to have a profile that engages your audience and encourages them to contact you. From this perspective it’s important that your profile talks to your audience and answers their questions and shows your benefit. It needs to be for them, not for you to show off. Ask yourself if your audience would really care about what’s written there.

When you have a great profile you then need to have a strategy to get people to look at it. The options are varied but would include…

  • Doing your updates – at least daily –  it takes 5 seconds, literally, when added onto what you already do online
  • Being active in sections such as Groups and Answers
  • Actively reaching out to the targets you have found on Linkedin (it is the most comprehensive, up to date database anywhere in the world)

Then of course, once they look at your profile, but perhaps don’t call you – what do you do then? That’s a subject for another post (or come to one of our seminars and find out http://www.cultivatemarketing.co.uk/seminarsandtraining.html