A year ago you would have been right to say to yourself “Why should I put effort into my company page, they’re rubbish”. Especially if you’re not a large company with hundreds or thousands of employees and the additional resource that brings. Because a year ago company pages were rubbish for marketing purposes. But Linkedin have been making a lot of changes over the past year and here’s some of the key things you should consider for your new and improved company pages

Company pages can leverage everyone in your company. Linkedin is very focused on individuals and their networks which means that it can be hard to tap into everyone’s networks at company level. So by encouraging more people in your company to post on your company page means the company can get in front of many more people. Simply make sure your chosen employees are made ‘admins’ of the company page. If you are worried about giving lots of people access to post updates on the company page then get your employees to follow the page and ask them to like, comment or share on company updates they see. The important bit is to make sure everyone knows what your positioning and hence key messages are as a company – tell them what’s OK to post and what’s not. It should be about empowering and leveraging them, not holding them back.

Get people to follow your company. You can put a ‘follow us’ button on your website. See this link for an explanation – it’s done via the developer pages, but is very easy. Also put a ‘Follow us on Linkedin’ message onto company email signatures with link to follow. Plus make sure your staff follow you.

Updates can be made to stand out with great pictures. On company pages you can choose what pictures are shown (as opposed to personal updates where it just pulls in a random picture from the webpage you share). Pictures make your updates standout and drive clicks so making them eye-catching is key. Have a stock of them to use, or simply make sure you download and use the image you are sharing if it’s strong enough. That way you decide what images they see – rather than relying on Linkedin to choose it for you. Plus you can choose who should get the updates e.g just send an offer to non employees, or vice versa.

company update

Product or services pages can be targeted based on the audience. Putting your products or services onto the company pages is important so others can find them and see what you do. But you can tailor the message depending on who is viewing the products page. So you could create country specific product pages or simply tailor the message depending on their sector. For example I could create a message just for those in the legal profession or if they are based in the USA. Because being specific and relevant will dramatically increase your success rate. Like any good marketing.

So although there are quite a few other things you can do with company pages I think these are the key ones to get you going.