If your target audience are affluent ‘white collar’ workers then they are on Linkedin. Or at least 95% of them are. So, if anything, see Linkedin as the best database of your target audience in the world. You can’t buy better data.

So how do use it to reach out to them? There are a number of ways, here’s one…

Firstly use the search facility to find them. This is something many users are not really aware of and is the single most important element of Linkedin for marketing purposes.

The search facility is what makes Linkedin such a powerful business tool. On the paid version you get extra criteria such as size of company etc.  You can see what’s paid for by the golden square next to them. So if you need more criteria it’s probably worth the £20 a month. So do some searching for your target audience and see what comes up – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

When you find them see who you mutually know – called ‘shared connections’

Look at those shared connections and see who you think would give you a referral. Then send them a message, email, or even better pick up the phone and ask them how they know your target and if they would introduce you. You can use the ‘get introduced’ option via Linkedin, but you lose some control and it’s better to use direct email or phone so you open a meaningful conversation. Also, be aware that many of the shared connections may not be very strong (which is why you want a quality network of people you know). So you may need to ask 3 or 4 people before you find someone who knows them well enough.

But, you don’t have to rely on that referral you can just reach out to them directly. So you can ask to connect – but make sure you reference the mutual acquaintance you know AND show them clearly how you can help them – plus be polite. You don’t want them to mark you as spam.

Or message them direct through ‘Groups’ they are part of – because you can message anyone in the same group. On the targets profile you will see which groups they are part of and any you share…








And remember – show them how you will help them, what’s the benefit you bring – if you haven’t worked that out yet, don’t reach out to them in the first place.

If you’d like to really start using Linkedin to drive leads then come along to one of our training sessions. See here for more