I’m often asked if it’s worth upgrading to the paid version of Linkedin. The answer depends on how much you believe Linkedin can bring you new business. So do you believe? I do because it does bring me work. However, I got work from Linkedin before I upgraded.

To get new business, or a new job, from Linkedin without paying there are a few things you must do…

  1. Have a good profile – that should be aimed at your target audience – tell them how you will help them, what’s your benefit? Your headline is the most important element by far, so make it stand out.
  2. Build connections with people who have at least met you. You may want them to refer you sometime – how will they do that if they don’t know you at all?
  3. Do your updates and ‘share’ great content from other sites online. Make sure your updates, and what you share, shows your expertise, passion and knowledge. This builds your reputation amongst your connections. This will take 10 minutes per day – that’s all, so why not do it.
  4. Watch the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ section (you can only see the last 5 who have) – if your target audience look then send them a message, or pick up the phone

If you want to take it further and use Linkedin for more proactive lead generation I suggest upgrading and spending a little more that 10 minutes per day on it. Key things you get are as follows…

  • You can see everyone who has viewed you profile (see point 4 above)
  • You can do more in-depth searches for your target audience (on company size etc)- so you can then reach out to them – Linkedin is the best database of business people on the planet
  • You can save profiles of target audience into folders for structured campaigns

So, with the free version you can get new business – I know, I do and so do my clients. But if you really want to exploit the best business database on the planet why not pay £20 per month and spend a bit more time on it.

Also, if you really want to do it properly come on one of my training courses…. http://www.cultivatemarketing.co.uk/seminarsandtraining.html