Linkedin have been rolling out a few changes over the last couple of months and I’ve got to say I don’t like the recent profile changes. So here’s my opinion on the new profile….

  • Larger photo – does it really matter having your face bigger? it was plenty big enough before to see if the person looked like someone you could have a chat with – see below – any better?
  • Contact info is now accessed via a small box on the right – I have seen a drop in traffic to my site since the changes and hiding the contact details behind a click will reduce clicks, it’s a common usability issue – every click you ask of users will lose some of them. Although having telephone and email etc in here rather than hidden at the bottom is better I’m not convinced it’s worth it.
  • The summary being more prominant – i.e more of it is above the fold – isn’t a bad thing but the whole ‘it’s got to be above the fold’ seems an old approach and not entirely relevant today as users are quite happy to scroll
  • My number one grip is that the recommendation count has been removed – these are important to help build some trust in your profile – you can say what you like in your own profile, but what others say about you is gold dust. They are believable and truthful and vital for others to decide if they would like to do business with you. 

So although it looks nicer – I think the designers have had too much free rein and the functional element of helping convince someone who comes to your profile to reach out to you has been affected for the worse.

My advice is to focus on your headline and get a great summary written – make sure it shows your benefit and tells the visitor how you will help them. Plus I’m telling people how many recommendations I have in my summary. And make sure you have a good picture!