Marketing Planning

Effective marketing is all about making sure you create a Positive Value Exchange with your chosen customers. This requires a deep understanding of your customers and what you as a business are capable of delivering. This is where a comprehensive marketing plan is required.

Our planning team have extensive experience creating plans based on solid research and proven methods. This includes

  • Customer research

  • Product development

  • Pricing strategies

  • New product launches

  • Tactical campaign plans

  • Digital marketing plans

  • Social media strategies

  • Creative idea development

Give us a call if you would like some help developing a winning marketing plan.

Marketing Strategy

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Rocket out of (possible) recession

The UK economy may well be heading for some tough times. How businesses react to tough economic times is what often makes or breaks them.

But what is the ideal strategy for flourishing when others are […]

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Customers don’t care about you

The world is awash with messages such as:

“We’ve launched this revolutionary new product…”

“Our team is great and looking forward to helping you…”

“Our customer service is the best in the business…”

“We are great look at us…”

Blah, […]

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Emotions are key to successful Customer Journey Mapping

“Seventy-three percent of top marketing teams say that a customer journey strategy has positively impacted overall customer engagement” According to the Salesforce ‘State of marketing 2016’

A customer’s journey always starts with a need or want. […]

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