Is this a new term to you / your business? Do you know where to begin in implementing this type of software in to your marketing mix? Read on for Cutivate Marketing’s insights on how to adopt this game-changing, scalability model.

According to Hubspot (the content marketing powerhouse) ‘marketing automation refers to software that automates your marketing for you. The software is designed to help you prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way.’ But what does that mean for business owners and marketing teams?

It may be that marketing automation could be creating underlying fear within the existing marketing team – but unlike introducing other streamlining processes within a business this doesn’t actually mean that job loss is imminent. What it does allow however is the good grace of more time and attention to strategy, creative and business development. *And to the minds of any marketing expert this is music to ones ears!

42% of CRM users plan to increase spending in marketing automation, – Software Advice (a website that helps buyers find marketing software “Customer Relationship Management Software UserView” (2014)

So, how does this compare to historic marketing practices?  Marketing automation allows for greater synergy between top-of-funnel marketing activity and new business development and the dedicated efforts of sales teams. The emphasis being on qualifying and scoring marketing activity whilst remaining utterly focused on generating more sales-ready leads.

According to the glossary definition provided by Email Vendor Selection: ‘If we see the marketing and sales process as a funnel, marketing automation can move contacts through that funnel more efficiently. It allows business to score leads based on profile/behavior and communicate with them accordingly.’

So, who are the forerunners in this emerging sector? Of course there are a great range of offerings here from entry-level options such as Autopilot (from as little as £4 per month) to the brilliant, aforementioned Hubspot or Marketo.

What more on this? Head over to this exceptional comparison piece by G2Crowd

Here at Cultivate we believe in operating in your sphere of genius and recommend having expertise around the marketing function before embarking into the world of Automated Marketing. It is of course possible to develop this exciting model yourself however, if you are looking for support across this pivotal shift in marketing activity – talk to us, we’ll walk you through some options :