Here are some tips for making the most out of Linkedin – please subscribe to the list to get more

Some general principles

  • Know your objectives – e.g be seen as an expert in your field, who is approachable and engaging
  • Know who you would really like to appeal to – who are your target audience and play to them
  • Get involved and engage by providing some useful information or thoughts, don’t be frivolous
  • Update your ‘status’ regularly
  • ‘Comment’ in groups or one other peoples status updates
  • Start ‘discussions’ in groups
  • ‘Like’ other comments
  • Answer questions and start them in the ‘answers’ section (under ‘more’ tab) – choose the sector you want to be in

Maximising your profile

  • Optimise key word rankings. So if someone searches for your speciality / title / sector, you appear high in the results

Choose your keywords – keep the list short 1 or 2 is best – what do you want to be known for e.g marketing consultant, software engineer, accountant

Include your keywords in 5 key areas on your profile, in order of importance…

  1. Headline – what people see first when they do a search, this can feature your USP
  2. Current – don’t overload, make it relevant but include keywords as much as possible
  3. Past – as above
  4. Summary – think about showing them this… Who I am, Who I help, How I help them (what I do) – make it specific as possible – sell yourself! Even have call to action e.g call me on…Think about what your target would like to hear
  5. Specialities – do as a list, not paragraphs
  • Get connections- they are very important to drive key word rankings – more the better and the more relevant the better. It also builds your network. But don’t just get them for the sake of it try and make sure they are at least vaguely relevant (is your dentist relevant for your business?)
  • Customise your ‘public profile link’ (the URL) – you can select your own words rather than just use the automatically generated one.
    • Put the link on your emails, website etc – there are ‘profile badges’ you can download from ‘edit your profile’ that lets you do this in a nice format
    • This will drive more connections – which helps your exposure and rankings
  • Website links – always choose ‘other’ so you can give them a title. Give them proper titles. Tell them what they are going to get rather than just a dull URL
  •  Get recommendations – Give them first – hopefully get one back. Do 10 and see what you get back. Make them good and specific – you’ll get better ones back. Ask anyone you have just done business with them. Make sure ‘everyone’ can see them, tick that box

Sharing updates

  • Say something meaningful that helps show you as an expert
  • Including ‘links’ to interesting stuff you have found in other places is great
  • If you have a twitter account – connect it to Linkedin and tweet your updates at the same time
  • BIG TRICK… if you want to share your update with your groups i.e potentially many thousands of users (rather than the 100 or so connections you may have). Do this..
    • Make sure you have ‘shared a link’ – just text is not enough
    • After sharing your update (it just goes to your connections)
    • The update appears just below the updates box
    • Then ‘share’ it again – and  select ‘share to groups’ AND unselect ‘post to updates’ (or it goes to your connections again)
    • Then begin typing groups names, they appear and can be selected (you do need to know what groups you want to share it with before you do it though)

A few notes on groups – there are many more

  • Choose relevant groups to join
  • The biggest may not be the best – look for level of engagement amongst it – how many good discussions and comments
  • If in doubt, join it and see. You can always leave the group if it’s not worthwhile
  • Get involved – start discussions around good relevant and interesting topics.
  • The more comments you get to your discussions is reflected in you being highlighted as an ‘influencer’
  • Think about starting a group. It will need you to drive it. But if you think you can add something other groups don’t do then it can be very worthwhile long term. There is a whole host of things you can do with your own group.
  • BIG TIP…engage with group owners and managers. They are key influencers. Maybe the relationship will lead to you getting more access to the group and kudos.
  • Remember if someone is in your group you can message them directly. So if you think they are a good prospect engage with them direct

We hope it helps – there will be more tips coming out so please subscribe on the right