In the last tips there were ideas for getting your Linkedin profile working hard for you and a little about getting involved in groups. Now lets look at building your reputation on Linkedin. This is intended as a precursor to actively going out and hunting down leads – which is the subject of tip #3

Some general principles.

As before! – just get involved and contribute.

  • Think about your target market – be present where they are – talk about what matters to them
  • Comment on and start discussions in groups
  • Go to the ‘Answers’ section and answer questions relating to your field(s) of expertise – and start questions
  • Be thought provoking
  • Show your knowledge
  • Be polite – it’s easy to come across in a way you didn’t mean to – so read it over and make sure it’s reflects your style.
You have probably joined a few groups by now. But don’t just join groups related to your field as these are filled with your competition. The ones you should join contain your target market / potential clients / potential customers. These are the people you want to get in front of and be seen as the expert. To work this out there are a couple of main options…
  • Use the search function in ‘groups’
  • Look at your other relevant profiles like your connections, or just identified targets (i.e clients/customers/prospects) who are already your target market – which groups are they part of, join them
Check your groups regularly and ‘comment’ on discussions, ‘like’ comments and start ‘discussions’
Share relevant links to interesting stuff you have found online. Some points about finding this content.
  • Keep an eye on key websites – news, industry specific etc
  • Have newsletters sent to you from key sites
  • Use RSS feeds from these sites
  • If you use twitter – link it to your Linkedin account – so if you retweet or share good stuff on twitter it appears on linkedin.
NB: remember the big trick in double sharing updates to groups (in last post) if you have something really good to share – share it to your group members. This increases the reach of this information from just your connections (a hundred or so people) to every person in your groups (could be many many thousands)
Being seen as an expert by answering users questions is a great way to raise your reputation. In the ‘Answers’ section you can select relevant topics (areas of your expertise) to see the open questions. Answer any that you think you can show your expertise in.
All these questions and the fact you have answered them appear in your status update – so all your connections will see them.
These are good for researching key issues that maybe relevant for your target market. They can also show your knowledge in your field by running a poll that is specific and quite frankly wouldn’t be understood by anyone else who isn’t an expert.
Hope it helps – next time – looking at how to actively hunt leads