You may have noticed the recent addition of a paper clip to the update box. This will be familiar to those who have company pages but now they have rolled it out to personal status updates. (see my earlier post below about company pages where I highlighted the advantage of this for company updates)

clip on box

This is a crucial change and for a while it means you can make your status updates really stand out. You do this by adding some great pictures. Previously when you attach a link the ‘system’ selects an image for your from the webpage. Now you can upload your own pictures – and they are presented in larger format than other images – so they can really stand out. Just think how successful Pinterest has been to highlight the power of great pictures. See what I mean when I did this for a charity event I am doing.

larger status photo exampleOr see it among the stream of other updates…

phot example on actiivty page

So have a selection of strong imagery you can upload when you do your status updates and they will stand out. Plus you can upload other files such as presentations etc.

But get on with it, as with anything, as others catch on the opportunity reduces. Users will become blinder to it over time.





Here is another example – see the smaller standard picture outlined in red above the one I have posted – the lion really stands out!

photos stand out