The new rich media additions to the Linkedin profiles are a great opportunity to create much more compelling profiles than previously. I’ll show you what I mean and how to get a marketing banner onto your profile that drives traffic to your website. There are lots of ways of using these functions – i’m just showing you one that works. Importantly you can use them to drive traffic to your other online assets and social media platforms. For example you can use Twitter or Pinterest photos or YouTube videos to stand out and drive users to those assets. There are lots of third party websites you can use to feed the rich media into your profile from, for a list see here

Please note, you only can do this currently if you had the ‘applications’ on your profile before the recent changes. The feature is being rolled out to everyone, so if you can’t do it now, be patient.

But here’s one way to get a marketing banner onto your profile…

Firstly look at a profile without rich media… (this is in edit mode)

profile minus media

You are looking for the little square with the plus (circled in red) – if you have that you can add media – if not just be patient, it will come to you










Now see when I add a couple of banners (sorry I’m not a designer – they could look a lot better, lol) …

profile with media














Both of these banners have been inserted using Slideshare. Simply by creating a slide in  Powerpoint and uploading to Slideshare as a presentation and then copying the link and putting it into Linkedin. Also I know my banners above are not very creative! – but you get the idea. Most importantly make sure your slide in Powerpoint is linked through to your website – so users click and then go via Slideshare to your site… here’s how it works…

banner path linkedin

So have a play around and use your other online assets to make you profile look better. Also when you combine maybe getting some banners and photos onto your profile and you use some great images as updates (especially from your company page, see the previous post on this) you can start to make you profile really look different to everyone else’s.