In the last post I talked about the importance of getting your targets to come and have a look at your profile. According to research 3% of those visiting your profile will reach out to you. So I want to look at how to increase this number. Plus how do we get leads even if they don’t come and look at your profile..

Firstly the 3% number is based on the current set of profiles that are on Linekdin (the research covered over 5000 companies/individuals on Linkedin). Frankly most of them are not very good. What I mean is that so many profiles on Linkedin are all about themselves, how great they are, what wonderful experience they have. They read like CV’s. But if you want to use Linkedin for marketing your business remember that your audience are not looking to employ you. They want to know how you will help them with their need. They want to know “what’s in it for me”. Not that you have had an illustrious sales career to date. So make sure your profile talks to your customers and shows your benefit. Apply the same thought process you went through when you developed your website (well hopefully you did). Of course, have all the CV type stuff in there – but down the bottom – your headline and summary must speak to your audience. Plus ask them to contact you and feature a telephone number and email address.

Secondly to pro-actively drive some leads you need to get out onto the other areas of Linkedin and use them. Particularly you need to be active in ‘Groups’. If you see someone you think would be a good target discussing, or commenting, in groups make sure you comment on their discussion/comment. Additionally don’t be afraid to reach out to them via the ‘reply privately’ option. But again, show them the benefit of speaking to you, solve their problems.

And of course – do your updates – be active. Or all the connections you make will never see you. And you need to be in front of your audience for them to even consider you and pick up the phone.

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