Worst kept secret about Linkedin

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The ability to use Linkedin to search for and find almost every professional business person in the western world is why it’s great for marketing or sales. However, you can’t just see everyone you want to. Linkedin hides those people who are not closely connected to you and uses the fact as way to get […]

3 key points about the new Linkedin profiles

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One of the big Linkedin changes of 2012  – amongst a plethora of changes – is the recent profile change. I think Linkedin have done a good job with this and they are rolling it out slowly, so if you haven’t got it yet – you will soon.

I always think it’s good to look at […]

Reaching out to your prospects on Linkedin

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If your target audience are affluent ‘white collar’ workers then they are on Linkedin. Or at least 95% of them are. So, if anything, see Linkedin as the best database of your target audience in the world. You can’t buy better data.

So how do use it to reach out to them? There are a number of […]

Linkedin Endorsements – good for building trust?

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You will have seen the new endorsements feature on Linkedin. I’m sure you’ve given a few and received a few already. Linkedin is pushing them so a big blue box appears at the top of your connections profiles suggesting you endorse.

But are they any good as a tool to drive business?

Endorsements are surely there to […]

What do I say in social media?

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I recently did a seminar about social media to a group of business owners (small and medium sized businesses who are starting out in social). It made me realise that it’s not really the ins and outs of how to use twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite etc that they really need (although they probably think it is). […]

New Linkedin profiles – where have they gone wrong?

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Linkedin have been rolling out a few changes over the last couple of months and I’ve got to say I don’t like the recent profile changes. So here’s my opinion on the new profile….Larger photo – does it really matter having your face bigger? it was plenty big enough before to see if the person […]

Pay or not on Linkedin?

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I’m often asked if it’s worth upgrading to the paid version of Linkedin. The answer depends on how much you believe Linkedin can bring you new business. So do you believe? I do because it does bring me work. However, I got work from Linkedin before I upgraded.

To get new business, or a new job, […]

If you still want to tweet into Linkedin – here’s how

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Although I think the recent cut off between Twitter and Linkedin is no bad thing there is a way around it. Personally I didn’t like seeing unfiltered twitter streams in Linkedin as they are differing environments and shouldn’t be mixed without thought. Linkedin is for serious business talk – its not for telling others you’ve […]

Getting leads from Linkedin

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In the last post I talked about the importance of getting your targets to come and have a look at your profile. According to research 3% of those visiting your profile will reach out to you. So I want to look at how to increase this number. Plus how do we get leads even if […]

What’s a good Linkedin strategy

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A good Linkedin strategy depends ultimately on what your objectives are. However, there is one common objective that all strategies should have…

Get your target audience to look at your profile!

It’s been shown that nearly 3% of people of people who look at your profile become leads. And that is with most profiles being rather poorly […]