5 things Linkedin Sales Navigator hasn’t got right yet

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If you are serious about using Linkedin to drive leads then you’ll probably already be paying for a premium subscription or using ‘Linkedin Sales Navigator’. Many key features are now housed within Sales Navigator and make using Linkedin to reach out to prospects much easier. Easier than using the old premium Linkedin that is. You […]

Marketing Automation – Making the Shift

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Is this a new term to you / your business? Do you know where to begin in implementing this type of software in to your marketing mix? Read on for Cutivate Marketing’s insights on how to adopt this game-changing, scalability model.

According to Hubspot (the content marketing powerhouse) ‘marketing automation refers to software that automates your […]

Customers don’t buy what you sell

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Customers buy emotions, not things. It’s not your product or service they really want. It’s the emotional result of the product or service they are after. Customer satisfaction is emotional satisfaction.

So although talking about the product features and the benefits of using those features is important – and is what 90% of sales and marketing […]

5 tips to optimise your Linkedin marketing activity and get more leads

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Linkedin is driving the most and best quality traffic to corporate websites. So as a lead generation tool it’s the place to be. We can easily get a 10% response rate to ‘cold’ lead generation activity on Linkedin – which out performs pretty much all other forms of marketing currently. So here’s our top 5 […]

Why your social activity should consist of stories – it can give a ROI of 2800%

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There is a magnificant piece of research that went on a few years ago which neatly summed up a what marketing can do. It proves why marketing is so important for creating value, and profits, in business. It was called the Significant Objects Experiment.

In a nutshell they bought around one hundred near worthless items such […]

What’s the vital ingredient in social media marketing?

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Well the clues in the name – social….Social does not mean… stand there and talk at me for hours on end and tell me how great you are. You may be great and I may buy your stuff but I can ignore you.Although giving me some useful and relevant stuff (called content by the industry) […]

5 reasons you should give it away for free

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One thing i’ve heard a lot, especially among professional service providers is, “If I give it away for free they won’t need me.”  It’s usually when we are discussing what they should be posting in social media – or to use the industry jargon – defining their content strategy.

The world is awash with information – […]

How to stand out in Linkedin updates – for a limited time only

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You may have noticed the recent addition of a paper clip to the update box. This will be familiar to those who have company pages but now they have rolled it out to personal status updates. (see my earlier post below about company pages where I highlighted the advantage of this for company updates)This is […]

How to get your banner ads onto Linkedin profiles

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The new rich media additions to the Linkedin profiles are a great opportunity to create much more compelling profiles than previously. I’ll show you what I mean and how to get a marketing banner onto your profile that drives traffic to your website. There are lots of ways of using these functions – i’m just […]

Strategy tips for Linkedin Company pages – they’re not rubbish anymore

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A year ago you would have been right to say to yourself “Why should I put effort into my company page, they’re rubbish”. Especially if you’re not a large company with hundreds or thousands of employees and the additional resource that brings. Because a year ago company pages were rubbish for marketing purposes. But Linkedin […]