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Getting leads from Linkedin

By |2:34 pm|

In the last post I talked about the importance of getting your targets to come and have a look at your profile. According to research 3% of those visiting your profile will reach out to you. So I want to look at how to increase this number. Plus how do we get leads even if […]

What’s a good Linkedin strategy

By |9:22 am|

A good Linkedin strategy depends ultimately on what your objectives are. However, there is one common objective that all strategies should have…

Get your target audience to look at your profile!

It’s been shown that nearly 3% of people of people who look at your profile become leads. And that is with most profiles being rather poorly […]

‘Branding’ – When is a clown, not a clown?

By |9:18 pm|

There are as many ideas about what a ‘brand’ is as there are marketing consultants. I’d like to put forward my thoughts in a way I hope business owners would find useful. Originally a brand was a logo but nowadays it encompasses so much more than this and has a value on balance sheets. A […]

When is too much marketing?

By |2:07 pm|

I am often asked about the timing of marketing messages – is every week too much? is once a month too few? how many tweets per week or day is OK? The answer is never simple but is does come down to ‘depends on what you’re saying and who you are saying it to’. Which […]

The chainsaw test

By |10:57 am|

I’ve been thinking about the single most important factor that determines if someone actually buys your product or service – and it’s trust. In order to buy, a potential customer needs to;

Trust that the product or service will do what they want it to do
Trust that what you say is correct
Trust that you will deliver […]

Linkedin Tips #3 – Lead Generation

By |1:25 pm|

By now your profile should look good and be packed with key words and phrases that describe you. Your profile should reflect what you want to show potential customers (or prospective employer). You hopefully have a few recommendations and links to your websites or blog. And you have been updating your ‘status’ fairly regularly (2 […]

Linked in Tips #2 – building your reputation

By |2:41 pm|

In the last tips there were ideas for getting your Linkedin profile working hard for you and a little about getting involved in groups. Now lets look at building your reputation on Linkedin. This is intended as a precursor to actively going out and hunting down leads – which is the subject of tip #3

Some general […]

Linkedin tips #1

By |11:17 am|

Here are some tips for making the most out of Linkedin – please subscribe to the list to get more

Some general principles

Know your objectives – e.g be seen as an expert in your field, who is approachable and engaging
Know who you would really like to appeal to – who are your target audience and play […]

Do you know who you are, really?

By |4:41 pm|

First post – so I thought I’d start with a fundamental question many business owners struggle with.

What I mean is can you answer these questions?

What is the core purpose of your business? What does it do at the most fundamental level?
Have you got a mission statement?
Have you got a vision statement?

If your answer is yes […]