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The most important objective for modern businesses

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Recently I had an issue with my mobile phone. To sort it out involved calls to customer services and a couple of visits to store. Which is when things got all a bit much for Vodafone, and I got very irate. Apparently, customer services can’t access the store data and vice versa. So neither side […]

Why Mark Ritson has a point about content marketing being bollocks

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Mark Ritson is a man whose views I value greatly but his recent missive ‘Why content marketing is a load of bollocks’ initially felt like a headline grabbing article without enough depth. But on further consideration it did raise a key problem we have. To summarise Mark had two sides to his argument.

That ‘content marketing’ is no […]

Emotions are key to successful Customer Journey Mapping

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“Seventy-three percent of top marketing teams say that a customer journey strategy has positively impacted overall customer engagement” According to the Salesforce ‘State of marketing 2016’

A customer’s journey always starts with a need or want. They then go looking for the solution to that need. They want their need satisfied as effectively and simply as […]

Two things that will deliver content marketing success

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Businesses are producing vast amounts of content nowadays and much of it isn’t really effective. As the Content Marketing Institute found out only 30% of B2B marketers and 38% of B2C marketers rate their efforts as effective.

From what I see this is mostly because their content is simply dressed up promotional messages aimed at selling […]

Why we need Chief Value Officers, Not Chief Marketing Officers

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Words have power and ‘marketing’ is a very weak word. It’s vague and fluffy and this results in vague and fluffy activities being performed in its name. Plus, everyone seems to have a different view of what it actually covers. The Chartered Institute of Marketing have a very succinct and widely quoted definition of marketing:

“Marketing […]

The Most Important Element of Content Marketing, a Positive Value Exchange

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The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as follows…

“Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

The most important word here is ‘valuable’ and that’s due to the last point about […]