Linkedin is driving the most and best quality traffic to corporate websites. So as a lead generation tool it’s the place to be. We can easily get a 10% response rate to ‘cold’ lead generation activity on Linkedin – which out performs pretty much all other forms of marketing currently. So here’s our top 5 tips for optimising your Linkedin activity – when you are trying to encourage new leads.

1. Prospects are not interested in you – they are interested in how you will help them. So make sure your headline and summary tell them this. Does “Managing director at ….” or “I have been in engineering for 20 years and pride myself on…” really matter to someone who doesn’t know you. This is not a simple matter, it requires some thought, and always ask someone else what they think.

2. Do your updates at lunchtime – this is when the most leads are driven from Linkedin. Also, first thing in the morning and at the end of the working day are good times to as this is when most people view Linkedin.

3. Use the ‘attach a file’ option (the little paperclip in the top right of your status update box. Use this to attach great pictures – make sure they are large (i.e large file size and pixel width) as they stand out much more than the standard pictures shown when you simply attach a link from another website. Pictures, and video, get much more engagement than text.

4. Use the advanced search functionality to find your target audience. This is key – you can’t do this as well on any other ‘social network’. Linkedin is the best database of the B2B audience on the planet. Find your audience then reach out to them – this can be via Linkedin (e.g use an inmail if you can) or outside of Linkedin (e.g pick up the phone) see here for another great tip that will help.

5. Go into groups regularly and find and engage with your audience. Especially if they are asking for advice and help that you provide. You would be surprised how many leads and customers we find in groups that other people just don’t reach out to. Honestly, it’s insane, we have a new client who asked specifically for marketing help in a large and active local marketing group and we were the only people who responded!

We hope these tips help – they help us get leads so we know they can help you.