If you are serious about using Linkedin to drive leads then you’ll probably already be paying for a premium subscription or using ‘Linkedin Sales Navigator’. Many key features are now housed within Sales Navigator and make using Linkedin to reach out to prospects much easier. Easier than using the old premium Linkedin that is. You can still do most of what is available in Sales Navigator in premium, but it takes longer and requires more knowledge of the platform.

So I think Sales Navigator is great and well worth using. But there are some areas it falls down on. Mostly I assume these issues are due to the fact that Navigator sits outside of the main Linkedin platform and so has to pull and push its information into the Linked platform.

Here’s where Sales Navigator lacks functionality: @linkedin take note please.

  • @ call outs – can’t include others into comments direct from Navigator. You need to go to the persons profile and then ‘view recent activity’ to engage with the post and include an @ call out. I find this useful when I am trying to help someone by recommending another person.
  • Messages sit in different places. Sales navigator has a separate inbox to the one in Linkedin. So any message you send in sales navigator won’t be shown against the profile or inbox in the main Linked Platform and vice versa.
  • Don’t show shared group membership. Navigator doesn’t show you if you share groups with a lead. This is obviously to avoid people messaging via groups and pushes inmail usage. So if you want to message someone I suggest going to their profile on the main platform, checking groups and seeing if you can message via the group before using your inmail credit (you get 15 messages to other group members per month, so add this on top of your inmail allowance)
  • Notes, reminders and tags. You used to be able to save those not connected to you as ‘contacts’ and put notes, reminders and tags on to their profile. You can only do this now with connections (but you still can’t see them from within Navigator). The effect of this is that it’s much harder to manage your outreach activity. For example, we used tags for campaigns around specific topics or industries. We’d ‘campaign tag’ saved contacts, then message them and make notes and set reminders. You can’t do this in Navigator so running specific campaigns is harder.
  • They are not ‘leads’. I don’t know why they call them leads in Navigator. I don’t know any sales or marketing person who would class someone you have never had any contact with and hasn’t shown any interest in you as a ‘lead’

All in all I think Sales Navigator is a great tool. However, using it effectively requires flip flopping between the main Linked Platform and the Navigator app, which is where the problems arise.