For businesses, Instagram has not only catapulted the awareness of their brand but even acted as one of the most powerful sales driver. This picture sharing app has become one of the most favorite social networks of consumers and is one of the engaging market tools for small businesses.

Forget Facebook and Twitter. For many startups, Instagram has created strong followers, making it more popular than Twitter. Having more than 400 million users each month, in the UK alone it is more than 14 million users.   

How SMEs Benefit From Instagram?

SMEs have quickly succumbed to the charms of Instagram and each day they are posting creative daily snaps related to their own brand. This has helped in gaining thousands of fans and the below given data clearly show how

Instagram for Business

But how do brands make the most of Instagram? Let’s check out-

  • Connecting With Other Social Media Channels

The first thing you need to do is create an Instagram account using your brand as the username. Make sure it is consistent with usernames of other social media accounts and add your logo, profile picture, bio, and website URL.

Then you can connect your Instagram account with other social media. By connecting your Instagram account, you can easily share content simultaneously on various multiple social networks. In addition, your followers in Twitter, Facebook, etc will see your Instagram post and will like and give comments for it.

  • Sharing Various Content

Do you know visual content can provide excellent response on social media? If you want to make a splash on Instagram, try to go for diverse mix of content which mixes up the various elements of your business. You need to remember that your business is not about one thing. It is not about products or services; it is about location, people and industry.

Try to create a list of the various aspects related to your brand, in order to have an initial plan for the kind of image to post. You can post videos and images of your product release, teases of new products and services, office tour, clients in a casual setting, etc.

  • Using Relevant Hashtags

While posting photos, it is important to add relevant hashtags related to the post. A hashtag makes it easier for a user to check for specific content on many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For example, the below are some of the hashtags you can use –

Local Businesses – hashtag your city (#Bradford, #Cambridge, #Nottingham)

Experts & Website – hashtag your industry (#Travel, #Marketing, #Fitness)

Products & Services – hashtag your niche type (#Shoes, #Real Estate, #Bakery)

  • Engaging The Community

Try to engage your readers to post their own snaps. This can be a great call of action related to your business and is an effective way for developing a community, just like what Starbucks has. Here the trick lies in asking readers to post and tag. Then you can respond with the reply.

  • Keeping Track of Analytics

For refining your strategies and post, you have to monitor your Instagram analytics. There are various analytic tools like BlitzMetrics and Curalate which informs you on how your post is performing, monitoring the analytics, assisting the Instagram management and helping in getting revenues through advertisements. These analytic tools are paid services, and if you are serious about the growth and success of your business, then it is really worth to try them.


For SMEs, branding is the perfect strategy to create a demand for products and services. With a strategic tool like Instagram, you can make sure that your business reaches its goals and becomes successful.

Thanks to the Instragram experts over at Idigic for this guest post