Content Distribution

Getting your content in front of your audience is often the hardest part. We use a variety or techniques to make sure you reach the people you want to.

  • Email marketing

  • Social media – both paid for and free

  • Native advertising

  • Natural search

  • Paid search

  • Automated marketing

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Content Distribution

A great strategy and brilliant content are useless if they don’t reach your audience. We use a variety of techniques to get it out there including; email, social, native advertising and automated marketing.

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The most important objective for modern businesses

Recently I had an issue with my mobile phone. To sort it out involved calls to customer services and a couple of visits to store. Which is when things got all a bit much for […]

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Why Mark Ritson has a point about content marketing being bollocks

Mark Ritson is a man whose views I value greatly but his recent missive ‘Why content marketing is a load of bollocks’ initially felt like a headline grabbing article without enough depth. But on further consideration it […]

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Confused by whether its Content strategy or Content marketing strategy?

I’ve been asked to do a pre-print review of a content marketing book authored by a leading light in the content marketing world. The key thing that stood out for me was the lack of […]

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